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What customers are saying about Buttered N Bliss!

I purchased the cocoa cashmere body oil and scrub at the fair a couple weeks ago. I Am obsessed! I've added them to my self-care shower routine. Absolutely love the way the oil makes my legs feel afterwards! (Never tried body oil before this!)


I bought an oil and scrub in the scent give me some suga at a local county fair and I can’t even tell you how much I love it!!! I just compared it to my ride or die neutrogenia body oil and this one is so much more hydrating and it doesn’t feel greasy AT ALL! I love it. I am obsessed I will absolutely be reaching out soon to get some more!


First of all, it smells so divine. I have very dry skin and I was so surprised how great this product works. I let my mother use some and she loves it too!

Latoya L.

I got the Hydrating Face Oil at the Santa Maria fair, and I’ve been using it for a couple days. My skin feels so much softer and this has been hiding what’s left of my acne scares would definitely recommend!

Justin S.

I love the candied apple cutie scent! It smells so sweet and fruity. My boyfriend also loves the scent on me. All of the body butter scents I've tried are amazing. Just the right amount of fragrance and not too overpowering. I put it on right after a shower or bath to lock in the moisture and my skin feels so soft and smooth! Give it a try and thank me later. :-)


This body butter is so silky and hydrating. It just melts into my skin and smells amazing. It makes your skin just glow! 


Girl, your body butter feels so good on my skin after getting out the shower. I love how light and creamy it is and the fragrance isn't overwhelming. It would also be perfect to use right after shaving as well!


I am so so impressed this is 6 stars. I’m usually am a Bath and Body Works person, but I have found something better ... it’s natural, cleansing, moisturizing and you feel good! YES !

Christi T.

Kristen was such a great professional help when I
explained to her my sensitive skin type & what it
likes/dislikes. I have been going through a
breakout stage recently & don't like to use store
bought products on my face because my skin
reacts! She recommend I use the body butter like a
face moisturizer, just go light. Since using this
citrus passion, my skin has been healing & clearing
up so beautifully! The moment I put it on my skin,
it just brings a calm & the smell is so uplifting!
Absolutely recommend her products to everyone,
she is official my new go-to for skincare essentials!